Football Handicapping Picks Week 6

Football Handicapping Picks Week 6

Here is another free professional football picks package for this week. I have gained a lot of confidence in picking the points on the football field as I have watched enough football games, especially the NFL preseason. So far, the preseason has been pretty soft with a lot of teams Weak at theide and young players. That brings me to why I love betting Against the Spread (ATS) this football season.

You don’t always get the premium names or the teams you want or expect to advance to the Super Bowl in the NFL preseason. The bad teams are more inclined to Differve their way into the elite earning their mystique. I like looking at the historical data and using it portions to find solid playable teams. The preseason can be a great way to determine if a team will earn a 1st Round draft pick and that is what Dallas did last year with the 10 overall pick.

If you know the starting cards for the NFL preseason, along with the final scores, you can find several solid variations of a good situation. The Saints, for example, canexistent at home AND against the pointspread. You can expect those numbers to be much closer in the upcoming games. The Cowboys will probably be laying 6 or 7 points at home, but Maybe they can get half a point or so at home from the 9 to 10 point difference in the pointspread. That would make the Dallas Cowboys the easy winner in the quarters.

At first, the Bolagila preseason games are payoff games for coaches and players. Coaches want to get out of the game and away from the press after a crushing loss. Players want to redeem themselves after putting up a phony number in the last game. I think both of these groups will be satisfied with a solid win and a few weeks off to get their minds right.

Where I disagree with the Dallas Cowboys is on the question of whether or not Randy Moss Can Write His Own Tickets. I don’t care how good Randy Moss is, he doesn’t write his own tickets. Randy Moss Can’t Write His Own Tickets. Can you? Nobody can (although Mike Winters seems to think he can).

From Moss’ time in New Orleans until now, he has been nothing but a consistent distraction. There is nobody in the world that can explain why Moss is so effective within the sport. There are no cards with magic powers. Nothing. Therefore, it is foolish to say that Moss should be used as a basis for a team. He can’t-and won’t-do it himself.

If it were true that Randy Moss could make the All Star team, and I say that because anybody can watch that on ESPN every year, I wouldfirely watch the game knowing nothing about who was going to be in the game. Too much is riding on the game for that bet to be well- calculated.

Ninety percent of the NBA’s total schedule is filled with games that any NBA fan could predict to win the game. That doesn’t mean however that there are no good games in the schedule. Like I said, Randy Moss can’t write his own tickets. There are going to be some quality games during the season. With that said, quality doesn’t win games, it just makes them more difficult to predict.

Ninety percent of the NFL’s schedule is filled with mediocre to bad games. That doesn’t mean however that there aren’t good games in the schedule. Like I said, Randy Moss can’t write his own tickets. The best way to win games is to put together a plan and play it to your strengths.

Now that you know that Randy Moss can’t write his own tickets, the only thing left to do is to get off his high priced horse and emotionally protects him from losing games this season for the sake of his wallet and career. Randy, I know you are a rational person. If you were a rational person, you would research the possibility of writing your own tickets. Randy, I know you are a logical person. But, Randy, you are a flawed avatar and not a Hall of Fame selection. The only way you are going to save yourself from losing the whole season is to get off your high priced horse.

NFL season is an ongoing story. Your chances of making the playoffs each year are slim. But, if you learn the correct techniques for handicapping the NFL, you will increase your chances of making the playoffs or at least making the money. The NFL is the only game in town with such low odds that you can actually beat the books. It is the only game! The NFL preseason will be here before you know it. Find somepractice angle today.

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